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"As a self-confessed ‘stressed’ female executive working in the fast-moving consumer world, I held the opinion that the Alexander Technique, was for people with bad backs, painful joints, or experiencing some sort of physical discomfort. – Until I met Valerie Symes. She explained the technique as a way of learning to become more mindful to recognise bad habits in the way we move and accumulate tension, which can
prevent us from moving easily and comfortably, in the way we were designed to. Valerie describes the lessons as a re-education / re-connection of the mind and body, which nature created to work harmoniously together.

This all sounded very interesting, although I still didn’t really understand what it meant, or how it would benefit me. – Then I had my first lesson. Having previously been in the business world, I found Valerie extremely empathetic; as she has experienced first-hand the challenges facing today's executive. Although it is hard to believe she has come from the commercial world when you are with her in the calming space of her treatment room, whilst she very gently guides you through your lesson.

I can’t explain ‘how’ she does what she does, but I can explain ‘what’ she does. –Time slows down, you discover a complete sense of self. You feel light, relaxed, grounded, yet in control. For me, it’s the feeling of complete calm and relaxation that I normally only get after a week lying on a beach. My mind declutters, my awareness
increases and I start to understand the connection between the mind and the body. – And all this happens within 45 minutes. 
The challenge then becomes how long can I remain in this state once I leave the sanctuary of Valerie’s room? – And the answer is a little longer each time.

So, I recommend having as many lessons, as close together as possible, as I have found this very beneficial in being able to maintain my connected state. Which in turn has improved both the quality of my work and also my awareness and appreciation for everything else that is happening around me.


C. McHardy - Company Executive

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